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To have your custom hangar designed for your location just give us a call at 1-800-793-8555 or outside the US call 719-268-1325 or email us at Get a Quote It's FREE! We can design, engineer and ship your hangar building to anywhere in the world. Your building can be engineered for many different type hangar doors, snow loads, wind loads and seismic loading. Your building will come complete with "part by number" instructions and stamped plans for your location if needed. Your plans can be produced in feet & inches or metric units of measure for overseas orders. is owned and operated by
Aircrafts are the fun - Hangars are just tools

To Get Started:

  #1 Click on the Aircraft Size button above to make sure your airplane and any airplane you will be storing will clear the door opening.
  #2 Check the lot size and any rules on how far from the property line you can build.
  #3 What loads and codes does the hangar need to be designed to? You can find this out calling your local building department and asking:
    A. What code should I use?
    B. What is the snow load needed for the roof?
    C. What is the wind speed I should design to?
    D. What exposure do I design to?"
    E. "What seismic zone are we? - If you are using IBC(International Building Code) then what is the seismic coefficient we are using?
    F. Is there a height limitation I need to design to?
With this information we can design your hangar right the first time.
  #4 Give us a call at 800-793-8555.


Get a Quote It's FREE! Your custom hangar quote will come with a sample layout and/or a 3D of the building and a description of what is included for the cost.You will get back a quote in hours not days.

We detail the buildings in our office therefore we make sure it comes the way you ordered it.

Developers: The cost per square foot is what's it's all about. Our system of "bolt together" buildings with welded clips saves time and money. From the design to erection we make it easy! If you have the land we are the best steel for the dollar. No wood!

Private owners: The price is the same which makes it great for you! We can design exactly what you want and our customer service department can help you through the building process. We can even recommend erectors for most areas and we can recommend an engineer for your foundation if you have a soils report.

Government: We are not a GSA vender but ultimately it should cost you less to deal with us. We take impact cards for overseas shipments. We design the buildings to be shipped on flat racks to any location on earth. We have sold to the military, The FAA and Home Land Security.

Airport Administrators: It's a risk to not use the same vender who has done a marginal job that was very costly but - give us a try and you will have no need to go anywhere else. We stand behind what we supply. We detail our own designs and we do our own customer service so there is no pointing fingers to a contractors vender - we handle it.

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